Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The Church Council is an administrative decision making body of the church. They carry out the day to day activities of church life and receive reports and set policy for the various committees and entire church.

  • Bruce Hockersmith
  • Dave Neff
  • Ann Wukovits
  • Andrea Katz
  • Jane Morgan
  • Bob Handshew
  • Amanda Gsell
  • Angelo Tsambiras
  • Steve VanDixon
  • Pastor, Bruce Levy
  • Janice Hockersmith, Secretary
  • Carol Tsambrias - Treasurer & Member at Large
  • Dave Neff - Worship
  • Andrea Katz - Outreach


The Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee is a group of individuals who as professing members of a local United Methodist church, are engaged in and attentive to their Christian spiritual development to enable them to give proper leadership in identifying and clarifying the values for ministry of the church. The committee assists the pastor and staff in assessing their gifts and setting priorities for leadership and service to the church and community.


The Trustees are responsible to hold titles to and manage the property belonging to the church. It also is charged with receiving, managing, securing, and adminstering all funds for the congregation in conformity with all laws.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is charged with establishing written financial policies to document the internal controls of the local church. This group also makes arrangements for an annual audit of all financial records of the various church groups. This committee recommends to the church council a financial budget for the calendar year and prepares regular reports for the council.

Education Committee

This committee cares for all instruction and learning that occurs in and through the church, such as Bible studies, Christian education at all levels, small groups, and Vacation Bible School.

Nurture Ministry Committee

This committee is charged specifically with the care of members. Some of the specific tasks carried out by this committee are: visiting homebound members, providing meals for those recovering from illness or surgery, planning fellowship gatherings, building continual bridges between the congregation and college students or military personnel, caring for members.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee's main task is to keep the congregation abreast of the potential for missional activities outside the church. This may include (but certainly is not limited to): helping those in the community (and beyond too) meet their daily needs through providing meals and at times financial resources as well as other resources when possible.

Worship Design Committee

If it occurs during any form of worship in the church, the Worship Design Committee cares for it.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee's main task is to make visitors to the church feel right at home. This may happen through arranging for greeters during activities at the church, helping provide snacks during Sunday morning worship times, scheduling child care, or even arranging for church activities which draw people into the church during community events.

Lay Leadership Committee

The Lay Leadership committee is charged with matching an individual with specific gifts and graces with various tasks in and around the church and world.